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About MultiQTL

MultiQTL is a bioinformatics company based in Haifa, Israel, that provides highly professional software tools for genome mapping and bioinformatics services.
MultiQTL consists of prominent experts in genome mapping and computer science with multiple publications in leading journals, among them Nature and Science.
Their theoretical knowledge and experience-based know-how are incorporated in MultiQTL’s products. These products are used by researchers and genetic practitioners all over the globe.

Genome Mapping

Genome mapping consists of different ways of describing locations and distances of DNA sequences within a genome.

  • Genetic maps – positioning of DNA markers
  • Physical maps – positioning of DNA pieces
  • Locating Mendelian genes relative to markers
  • QTL maps – mapping quantitative trait locations

Genome mapping is of growing importance on medicine, agriculture, ecology and science. It will play a major role in the new global “Earth Life Sequencing” project.

Our Products

MultiPoint - For genome marker mapping


For genome marker mapping

MultiQTL for mapping quantitative traits


For mapping quantitative traits

LTC -  genome physical mapping


For genome physical mapping


  • High detection power and high mapping resolution and accuracy
  • Resolves situations where other tools fail (e.g., big data with noise in ultradense mapping)
  • Powerful simulation and re-sampling tool for designing experiments, verification of solutions, and teaching
  • Very fast, owing to unique optimization technology
  • Very intuitive, user friendly, and interactive

Customers’ Case Studies

A partial list of case studies is presented to demonstrate the wide range of uses of MultiQTL products: a variety of organisms, a variety of study topics, both theoretical and practical, studies published in leading journals and spanning the period between 2003 and 2019. A link to the relevant paper is provided in the last column.








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