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MultiQTL is an integrated system for mapping quantitative traits and QTL analysis in controlled crosses. .


  • Conducting pre-experiment simulation analysis of a variety of experimental designs, helping to build a design with best cost/benefit ratio.
  • Simulation assistance for ongoing experiments conducted within a concrete project, using the available information at any stage of the project in order to optimize the decision making for the subsequent steps.
  • QTL data analysis post-experiment: efficient and sophisticated, though fast and easy to use.
  • Testing alternative hypotheses and models in a straightforward and clear way; flexible control of the permutation options.
  • A spectrum of bootstrapping options allowing to evaluate the QTL detection power, the distribution of the probability of a QTL presence across intervals, and confidence intervals of the estimated QTL effect and location.
  • Versatile data mining and editing, virtual restoration of missing marker scores
  • Extensive data simulation to compare experimental designs
  • Single-QTL, two-linked QTL
  • Multiple QTL analysis
  • Evaluating the accuracy of the estimated parameters and QTL detection power that depends both on the data and the power of MultiQTL
  • Allowing for selective genotyping design
  • Single, two, and multiple-trait analysis
  • Epistasis analysis for single and multiple-trait models
  • QTL analysis across multiple environments (ME)
  • Logit-transformation for QTL analysis of proportions
  • Multiple Interval Analysis (MIM)
  • Multiple-traits, multiple-family and ME analysis combined with MIM