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LTC is an interactive package for physical mapping of fingerprinted BAC libraries.

LTC can be used for construction, verification, elongation, merging, and “curing” of contigs and MTPs.


  • More effective detection of problematic clones and clone overlaps in comparison to standard FPC software (based on exploring of parallel clone overlaps)
  • Possibility to detect false contigs by checking the topological structure of clone overlaps
  • Construction of reliable and longer contigs compared to FPC
  • Reviewing, editing, repairing and elongation of contigs constructed with FPC
  • MTP selection with taking into account clone overlaps (hence reducing the risk of gaps)
  • Possibility to automatically reselect MTP with maximal using of already selected MTP clones with especial preference for some clones (e.g., already sequenced)
  • Ordering of long sequence contigs of individual clones or pools of overlapping clones
  • Mapping of long sequence contigs (>15kbp) to clones based on in silico fingerprinting
  • Mapping of fingerprinted BACs/physical maps to long and very long sequence contigs
  • Interactive editing of contigs and MTP facilitated by graphical visualization
  • User-friendly interface for contig elongation and merging
  • More powerful detection of putatively problematic clones
  • Tools for repairing of gaps observed in the MTP
  • Possibility to work with large BAC libraries (e.g., 106 clones)
  • Taking into account different versions of fingerprinting
  • Taking into account clone sequence for contig and MTP editing
  • Tools assisting in the identification of positive clones from the set of positive 3D-pools