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MultiPoint is an interactive system for building reliable genetic maps.

MultiPoint is our major and most frequently used product and is designed to produce a highly accurate marker mapping.



For the most frequent genetic mapping


For very large and dense genomes, such as the genome of wheat


To provide a most accurate genetic mapping based on a variety of sources of genetic information.


  • Building genetic maps for thousands of markers.
  • Testing the reliability of constructed maps by using re-sampling techniques (jackknife analysis).
  • Testing the reliability of pre-defined multi-locus orders (either from literature or by using other software).
  • Tools for merging of linkage groups assisted by graphical visualization,
  • Tools to enable using markers with unknown linkage phase.
  • Interactive and automated procedures for map saturation.
  • Special measures to deal with noisy data and to treat markers generated using “genotyping-by-sequencing” platforms.
  • Detection and removing markers causing map instabilities (interactive or automatic).
  • Consensus mapping based on data from different populations.
  • Locating Mendelian genes relative to markers
  • Building ultra-high density genetic maps (up to a million markers)
The “Ultradense” version includes ultra-dense mapping based on “twin” approach complemented by k-means clustering analysis to combine high-quality twin markers and lower-quality tightly linked singleton markers.

The “Consensus” version includes a collection of tools for consensus mapping analysis and ultra-dense consensus analysis of array-based data.