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The products of MultiQTL are designed for genetic researchers and practitioners and are based on deep knowledge of genomics and of computer science, as well as extensive experience in developing advanced algorithms and their application in genome mapping.
All products operate under Windows. The products are optimized for efficient use of resources.
In most cases the products are used as off-the-shelf packages. Occasionally customization is required.

Licensing policy

Demo versions are provided at no cost. They have full functionality but are limited in time. The time limit is agreed between the customer and MultiQTL.
Customers may purchase a license for using the products unlimited in time. The license is for one computer but it can be used on any computer.
The license is provided through a standard disk-on-key activated by MultiQTL through the Internet. The license can be moved from one computer to another computer by inserting the disk-on-key with the licensing key into the other computer.