MultiQTL Ltd. is a bioinformatic company based in Haifa, Israel, oriented on developing a spectrum of software tools for genomics and biotechnology. These include software for building multilocus genetic maps, genetic mapping of quantitative traits, large scale physical mapping (e.g., contig assembling based on restriction fingerprinting of BAC libraries), evaluation of multilocus relatedness for various forensic applications, etc. Our multifunctional software for genome mapping is oriented to genetic and breeding companies, universities, research institutes, and medical organizations. Our customers are distributed worldwide: USA, Canada, France, Germany, Britain, Italy, Spain, Poland, Holland, Portugal, Czech Republic, Belgium, Switzerland, Russia, India, Japan, China, South Korea, Kenya, South Africa, Argentina, Australia, Israel

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The commercial versions of three our packages, MultiPoint, for multilocus map construction, MultiQTL, for QTL analysis in controlled crosses, and LTC, for physical mapping, are available. Customized versions for particular functions and services are also offered

MultiQTL is committed to provide the best support to our users. For this purpose our support group will provide you with extensive e-mail support assistance.

  Investments and collaboration
Biotech M.A.H., a venture capital fund created by Israel's largest seed company, Hazera, and Israel's largest pesticide and fertilizer company, Machteshim Agan, were the first investors of MultiQTL. MultiQTL is seeking financial investors for commercializing its products and further R&D (especially in the fields of human and medical genomics, and for developing analytical tools to bridge between the new DNA microchip technologies, functional genomics, and pharmacogenomics, based on genetic mapping). MultiQTL is open to collaboration with Bioinformatic and Software groups and companies as well as units conducting wet genomics.

LTC version 2.0 is released
January 2013

LTC version 1.4 is released
October 2012

MultiPoint version 3.2 for building ultradense genetic maps is released
February 2012

MultiPoint version 3.1 for building ultradense genetic maps (including outbred organisms) is released
December 2010

MultiPoint version 2.2 for consensus mapping is released
May 2009

MultiPoint version 2.1 is released

MultiQTL version 2.6 is released

A new package MultiPoint, for building dense genetic maps, is released
MultiPoint version 1.2 is available

MultiQTL version 2.5 is released

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15 January 2013
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